Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here are the new prices....

These prices are good starting now going into the summer and fall.  There will be another tweeking of prices coming January 2013.  I'm trying to find a good balance between making a living and being affordable for my clients.  I LOVE them all, and I would like for people to come back again and again.  Please tell your friends!!!  Here are the priced packages.  Weddings will only be booked for AFTER June 2013.  There is a deposit required for any bookings done from here on out.  It will be minimal, but must recieve before time slot is saved.  Thank you for all of your time and say CHEESE!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are going to have new prices and packages coming soon in June....

Feel free to leave me feedback on my FB page!!!

Kandice Mae Photography

New Location....

Hey All!!

So I'm not really permantly moving... but I'm up in the cities doing some sessions.  I think it's important that I can move around freely without worry that I might not have the right equiptment.  I love using natural lighting!!!  I did manage to bring a studio light and also some backdrops.  Wish I had my trim though.... I miss it!

I am holding sessions for $40.00.  Includes session and a free CD with rights and edits!

Call my cell (507.829.2929) or FB me Kandice Mae Photogarphy page!  LIKE me!

Hope all is well in the world... I'm off to find new backdrops, props, and much more!  Wish me luck!

Kandice Mae Photography

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"POOF" Pillow

Hi Everyone!

I've had a lot of people ask how I did this square poof and how much it cost... So here it is!

*Fabric- Kind of depends on your size prefrence.  Mine was 38"x 2 yrd (3.00)
*No Sew roll of adhesive tape - you will only use about a 1/5th of it (6.00)
*Needle and any color thread- I used black... because it was laying around in my home.
*Stuffing- How much is up to you.  I wanted to make mine really plush.  I used 4 old pillows in my home that I was going to toss due to their "ugliness".  So I didn't spend anything on that part.

How to:
Lay your fabric upside down and fold in half.  In between 2 of the sides place the No Sew tape.  I didn't pin mine because it wasn't moving around on me... but you could.  Then place the tape on the 3rd side but not all the way, so that you can have room to turn it right side in.  Also, you will have to shove stuffing in... and it's really a large pillow.  I had to have my arm all the way in there manuvering the stuffing.  I left about 8 inches open, but it's completly up to you.

Next iron all the taped sides.  It held very very well for me and didn't take very long.

Next turn it right side in, so that the fabric is facing outward.

Stuff the pillow the way you would like it.

Thread your needle.  Sew up the last couple inches.  If you are using this for photos you don't see this at all.  I've already used it and it's fine.  Also, I had missed a spot ironing and didn't notice it until I had it completely stuffed.  I sewed that as well.


All together, I spent around $9.00 on the pillow.  I have tape left over even.... LOTS.  For the next project.  And I spent probably around 2 hours on the whole project, start to finish.

THanks for checking me out~  Next project I'm working on, will be homemade BANNER OF FLAGS.  Online they run from 14 to 30 bucks....  I made mine for 3.00!!!

Have a good week everyone!

Discounted and FREE Photo Sessions!

Okay everyone.  Now people that know me already have some idea of whats going on.

For those of you who don't...

I am doing 1 free photo session for each catagory I need for my portfolio. You get all the rights and a CD of all the images. It's a 100 to 160 dollar value. I'm also doing soon-to-be graduate photo sessions for 1/2 off if you book in February or March.  They don't have to be done on those days, but at least booked. You can check out my FB page (Kandice Mae Photography) or on one of my earlier posts on Blogspot for prices. 

Here are the free sessions still available:
*Newborn - this does NOT include the other sessions in the "Baby" package
*Graduates - this includes the other session in the "Senior" package

Book soon to get your idea date and pay much less for a fabulous shoot!!!


Below are my prices and also two of my most common packages.  I have a couple more, just email to enquire about them.

Please check out my FB page to see some of my work.  It again, is still pretty raw.  I have used my gals in them :o)  Hope all is well with everyone!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have enjoyed editing my photos and I have learned soooo much lately.  Cross prossessing, vignettes, etc...  I LOVE making fun edits for people.  Helps interact with the photos!

If anyone has anymore ideas of how to edit photos and make them more fun, let me know!!  I love learning new things and the clients will appreciate it!

Happy Days,